Ritratto con Altrove

“There is no surer way of evading the world than by Art; and no better way of connecting with it than by Art”.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Eva Antonini was born in Rapperswil (Switzerland), the place of her childhood and adolescence. As a young girl, Eva reveals a natural proneness for molding clay, matter that later will be privileged in the creation of sculptures of medium and large dimensions.

From 1981 to 1985 she lives in Geneva, where she takes her first steps in the working world, simultaneously pursuing her linguistic education, enriched by a series of journeys and stays in England, Italy and United States with stops in the Middle and Far East.

In 1985 she moves to the Canton Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland) with the intention of refining her linguistic knowledge, particularly in Italian and English.

From 2002 she definitely plunges into the passion and choice of an artistic life.

Along the way she acquires fundamental knowledge on such matters like clay, plaster, alabaster and marble. Together with specialization courses, she attends studios of master sculptors such as Oreste and Antonio Quattrini, Giorgio Eros Morandini, Giovanni Cimatti and Ettore Greco.

In 2003 she takes part in the first collective exhibitions and in 2005 she is the recipient of a Prize for sculpture at the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence.

In 2006 she receives her first commission for the creation of a bronze sculpture to be placed in an open space.

Her research continues relentlessly, enhanced by the participation in international exhibitions and symposia, which will challenge her artistic stimuli, while she is stepping up her game in front of creation.

Her creative activity becomes more and more impetuous and exhilarating, mainly during nightly silence. The possibility to transfer her ideas and emotions into the material almost obsessively pervades her. A torment alternated by euphoria, especially in front of a completed work, followed by the impatience and ardour to start a new creation. Volumes, harmony of forms, the body’s language, fragility, mystery and expressiveness fascinate her more and more. While working with materials such as marble, alabaster and plaster, her profound and almost ancestral attraction always and regularly leads her back to clay, which despite its toughness, has her predilection.
The body as the soul’s “translator” into the visible! Following this central theme, Eva Antonini creates body and face fragments, which carry the marks of time, the scars of life. Fragments representing some sort of Life Maps, contemplating the fleetingness of the moment, the transience of life, the metamorphosis between past and present.  
In 2010 and 2012 some of her work is chosen for the exhibition at the Carrousel du Louvre, headed by the National Fine Arts Society of Paris.
In 2018 she officially inaugurates her new and very sizeable studio. The same year she is awarded with a Sculpture Prize by Artemilano.
In 2020 she is commissioned by the Municipality of Capriasca with the creation of a bronze sculpture to be placed on the new Alfonsina Storni Plaza. 

Her expository curriculum of solo and group exhibitions ranges from Switzerland, to Italy, Austria and Spain and from France to the United States.


2003   Mendrisio: MEART Sculptures in the village 
2004  Lugano: PAX Insurance
2004  Rapperswil:   Gallery Seewiese
2005  Savosa: Centro Atlantide
2005  Stabio: La materia e lo spirito  Restaurant Montalbano
2006  Ascona: Fra sogni e risvegli  Gallery Dartecon
2006  Lugano: Exhibit/charity auction - NGO ABBA Lugano
2006  Bellinzona-Castelgrande: I falsi volti Exhibit/charity auction - Association Dialogare-Incontri
2008  Mendrisio: MEART Sculptures in the village
2008  Castione: Artist’Otto at La Fabrique
2009  Lugano Casinò: Casino: Exhibit/charity auction - Swiss Society for MS
2009  Lugano:  KBL Ltd Private Bank 
2010  Mendrisio: MEART Sculptures in the village
2010  Lugano:  Exhibit/charity auction at Casa Pasquée - SAM Massagno
2010  Roveredo (GR): Openart - openair sculpture exhibition
2011  Balerna: Terra e altrove  Sala del Torchio,  Solo exhibition
2011  Lugano:  Open Gallery collettiva presso Galleria Sestante
2011  Roveredo (GR): Openart - openair sculpture exhibition
2012  Lugano:  Fire Anatomies UBS SA - solo exhibition, 
2012  Lugano: Reminiscence Sestante Gallery - solo exhibition
2013  Dangio:  NYB'13, group exhibit, realized by sculpture-network.org, simoultaneously in 12 European countries
2013  Capriasca: Open Studio - Open Doors in art studios
2013 Zurigo: Art International Zurich - International Contemporary Art Fair
2013 Riva S. Vitale: Contrappunti - bipersonal exhibit sculpture and paintings with Dina Moretti
2015  Mendrisio:  NYB '15 International Contemporary Sculpture Celebration at Perseo Art Foundry
2016  Capriasca: OPEN STUDIO - Open Doors in art studios
2018 Capriasca: Artistic Festival La carezza perduta (The lost embrace) 
2018  Capriasca: Open Studio Capriasca - Open Doors in art studios
2019 Lugano: YouNique - International Fine Art - Design and Craft Exhibition - Villa Ciani
2020 Lugano: Sculptural talk - Gypsothèque Giudici
2021 Roveredo (GR): OPENART - group exhibition of outdoor sculptures
2022 Lugano: YouNique - International Fine Art - Design and Craft Exhibition - Villa Ciani
2022 Figino: gARTen - Bipersonal sculpture exhibit with Cesare de Vita
2022 Lugaggia: Amleto Solo - Theatrical-sculptoral studio performance with actor Marco Ballerini
2022 Lugaggia: Dust Kreations - bipersonal exhibit/event with Davide Maule, jewellery artist
2022 Capriasca: OPEN STUDIO - Open Doors in art studio
2023 Lugano: YouNique - International Fine Art - Design and Craft Exhibition - Villa Ciani
2005    Ferrara:  Tra Realtà ed Emozione Castello Estense, Ass. Culturale - Ferrara ProArt 
2005    Padova:     Int'l art fair with Leonart Gallery
2005  Firenze:    Int'l Biennal for Contemporary Art (5th prize)
2006  Menaggio:  Human Touch  D'art Visual Gallery
2007  Menaggio:  Eros  D'art Visual Gallery 
2007  Milano:   Generation linkage at Oscar Signorini Foundation
2008  Bologna:  Generation linkage Gallery 9 Colonne, Oscar Signorini Foundation
2008 Cannero Riviera: Incorporation  Gallery/hotel Il Cortile
2013  Biella:  Solitudini allo specchio  (loneliness in the mirror) Bassanese Gallery
2014  Milano:    Affordable Art Fair - Via Tortona 27, Milan 
2014  Porto Cervo:  Group Exhibition - Simon Bart Art Gallery
2014  Poltu Quato:  Group Exhibition - Il Novecento Art Gallery
2014 S. Gimignano: Group exhibition -  Isculpture Art Gallery
2014 Casole d’Elsa Group exhibition - Isculpture Art Gallery
2015  Cannero Riviera: Hotel/Art Gallery Il Cortile
2015  Tradate:    Group exhibition - Officina Feniciana
2016  Milano:  International Furniture and Design Fair
2018  Milano:  ArteMilano, group exhibition at Steam Factory Milan (Prize for sculpture)
2019  Gubbio:  Silenziose Terre - Solo Exhibition at the historical Palazzo del Bargello under patronage of the Town Municipality
2020 Milano: Emotional Shakes - Affordable Art Fair
2023 Cannero Riviera: Strada dell'Arte (Art in the streets) - Large in- and outdoor exhibit 
2010 Marseille : SIAC Int'l Fair for Contemporay Art
2010  Lourmarin:  Galerie du Temple - group exhibition
2010  Cogolin (St.Tropez):  Trans'Arts Centre Maurin des Maures - group exhibition
2010  Paris:   Salon 2010 de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre - group exhibit
2011  Mérindol:  Sculpture Symposium and Exhibition, city centre
2011  Roquebrune s/Argens:  Sculpture en Liberté  group exhibition
2012  Paris:  Salon 2010 de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre - group exhibit
2015  Ibiza:  "Garden of Eden" P|Art Ibiza Gallery, Santa Eulalia - group exhibit
2019 Vienna:   ART AUSTRIA International Contemporary Art Fair  (with Van Gogh Art Gallery)
2006 New York:  Ouvertures Agora Gallery, Chelsea, group exhibition
2022 Sarasota (FL): Art Avenue Gallery - Group exhibition